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What to Bring to Workshop

What to Bring With You to the Citizenship Workshop:

Applicants for Naturalization must bring ORIGINALS of their:

  • Green card (Permanent Resident Card
  • Additional ID: passport, I-90, TX Driver’s License, Social Security Card
  • Court Dispositions(including immigration court) and/or Arrest /ICE records (if Applicable)
  • Most recent federal tax return 1040 and/or other proof of income
  • Marriage Certificate, divorce decrees and/or child support agreements (if Applicable)
  • Proof of current receipt of public benefits ( ex: Food Stamps / SSI ), (if Applicable)

Additionally, Naturalization applicants must bring the following information:

  • A list of addresses from the last five years including specific moving dates
  • A list of schools attended and jobs worked for the last five years including specific dates
  • A list of all trips outside the United States in the past five years
  • Information on your children and current spouse including name, DOB, USCIS#, & address


For Information or if you have questions, call 281-799-9076.

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