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Call Us: 1-281-799-9076
  • Citizenship Workshop - December 2nd

    Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. Local attorneys and immigration specialists on hand to assist. One-on-One legal assistance available, as well as other services.

    Go to the What to Bring to Workshop page for a list of items to bring with you. For more information, call 281-799-9076.

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  • What to Bring to Workshop

    Bring to each Citizenship Workshop: There are a number of things you need to bring with you to the Citizenship Workshop. To see the complete list go to the What To Bring to Workshop page for more info.

    If you have questions about these items, call Ana at 281-799-9076.

    What to Bring
  • Know Your Rights

    Presentation in English and Spanish. No pre-registration required. Attorneys and legal representatives available to answer general questions.

    Topics include updates on immigration policies, interacting with law enforcement; understanding your civil rights; understanding immigration options and more. Call 281-799-9076 for information.

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  • Join Us for Zumbaton Event

    Saturday, December 2nd, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at St. Leo the Great Parish, 2131 Lauder Rd. Houston. Have fun, be fit and help us put a smile on the face of a child at Christmas.

    Admission: $15 gift card or new clothes for a girl or boy 5-15 years. For information call 832-331-9189 or 832-436-7877.

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  • 2017 Toy Drive

    We are collecting donations of toys now through December 13th. Drop off toys for children ages 5 - 15 at the BAA Office between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.

    You can also make a donation online which will help us provide toys for the children at our Holiday Party

  • Citizenship Preparation Classes

    Prepare for the naturalization interview and exam. We have weekly instructor-lead classes, including progress testing, grammar/pronunciation practice and mock interviews. Study materials provided. Form N400 Preparation assistance also offered.

    For more information contact Mariana Sanchez 713-471-5832 or email marianas@bondingagainstadversity.org.

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  • For Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

    A list of Resources for Flood Recovery Assistance is here.

    Flood Resources
  • What is Bonding Against Adversity?

    Take a look at our video to find out what Bonding Against Adversity is all about. If you would like to volunteer in any way, call 281-799-9076 or 713-471-5832 .

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What We Do…

Bonding Against Adversity, Inc. (‘Bonding') was created as a non-profit Texas corporation to help the economic development in the East and the Aldine Greenspoint area by providing free and low-cost community outreach programs for disadvantaged residents with an emphasis on healthy living, safe living and reducing secondary school dropout rates.


One on One Mentoring for Students with Potential

The program to reduce secondary school drop-outs is designed to assist the learning process of those students, identified by the partner independent school districts, who are determined to be at-risk of dropping out of school before obtaining their high school diploma


The S.A.F.E. Program, Safe Apartment living For Everyone, is a program designed to educate apartment residents on the risks to safety, vandalism, crime, etc. within the apartment complexes and within the individual apartment residences.

The WE

WE is a program designed to address the problem of obesity among, primarily mothers of school aged children and of Hispanic descent.

Immigration and Integration with Education

It is a fact: there are eight million Legal Residents in The United States; over 30,000 new Legal Residents in Houston/Harris County on average per year. Bonding Against Adversity assists Legal Permanent Residents to become US Citizens. We provide one-on-one legal assistance, we offer presentations on current immigration issues, and work with Community Service Organizations, offering assistance with Form N400 preparation, and we bring local attorneys and immigration specialist to assist with the best preparation.

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