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October – December 2010

Every month is a challenge for us to meet the goals we have established with the limited financial resources available to us; however, with the assistance of our dedicated volunteers and the limited fund raising we have been able to accomplish we are making satisfactory progress toward achieving our goals.  Following is our activities for the last three months, October, November and December, 2010.

  • In October we started the month in partnership with the Mexican Consulate by having our first seminar for people with disabilities, in which we brought resources and information for people with low income with children with downs syndrome, people with autism, in wheel chairs or who are blind to help them find assistance to help alleviate problems associated with their disabilities.
  • Later in October, we had our the first Bonding Against Adversity Immigration Forum in partnership with many organizations, such as NALEO, City of Houston, Neighborhood Centers, Inc.  The event was very successful, assisting many people applying for US citizenship and offering free consultation with lawyers who were present to help people with questions about their immigration situation. Our dearest friend Congressman Gene Green were there along with State Representative Mr. Armando Walle to provide opening remarks and help us with this event.
  • Our Healthy Living program continued growing with our WE (wellbeing through exercise) program now reaching more than 120 women (and one male youth…what a trooper) in two locations, Linc Mission on West Road near I-45 and at the East Aldine Management District offices on Aldine Mail Route at Hiway 59. As a part of this program we have a healthy breakfast on Fridays and bringing speakers to talk about heath and self esteem.  We had presentations from Pastor Lincoln Guerra, Mr. Hector Rodriguez a recognized family writer, Dr. June Marshal from St, Anthony’s Clinic and testimonies from many of our participating women facing this challenges and being successful in changing their life styles for the good.
  • In the S.A.F.E. program we are preparing for our workshops at Haverstock apartments in January 2011. We participated in the Day of the Death exhibit at the Mexican Consulate educating the community about safety in the sports fields, specifically about how important it is to know about weather conditions to be safe in outside sports.
  • We did several fund raisings to continue helping the youth sports program at Melrose Park to keep them motivated in soccer by providing them medals and motivating the coaches to continue helping in this excellent program.
  • We participated with Lone Star College in the Helping Hands event and were able to have 10 volunteers sign in for our Dropout Prevention program at Hamrbick Middle School.
  • At Hambrick Middle School our Dropout Prevention program has been a success and we continue, with our mentors from Lone Star College, to provide assistance every afternoon for selected Hambrick Middle School students.
  • Texas Children’s Health Plan continued supporting the nutrition classes for our WE program by helping us  provide information for Moms for the CHIP and Medicaid programs for their children.
  • We helped more than 50 families for Thanksgiving by inviting them to attend the movie ‘Fireproof’ to strengthen their marriages and families and better understand the daily marriage issues. For those attending, with the assistance of the Teloalapan, we distributed 25 turkeys for low income families.
  • To close our successful 1st holiday season, like in years before, we did our Posadas to keep the Hispanic tradition about the celebration of Christmas alive in the children, with the emphasis on the message of Christmas not about money and gifts.  We were able to distribute more than 300 gifts through this Posadas donated by  Teloalapan, St. Anthony’s Clinic, Titles by ME, SBM Atlantia, Lone Star College, Bonding Against Adversity, Ralph Wheeler, Jill and Pat Buillon, Marina Sugg, Jed’s Hardware, Mas Club, Lone Star College, Congresman Gene Green, EFG Insurance Agency and other generous contributors.  Jed’s Hardware, San Anthony’s Clinic and Congresman Gene Green  were our sponsors  for one of our Posadas and also gave presents to our mentors in the Dropout Prevention program at Hambrick Middle School.
  • We thank God first for these first months of operation and are positive that with the help from organizations, individuals and other partners, we will be able to continue serving the communities in the Aldine Greenspoint area.

Our sincerest thank you for everybody who made this possible and who encourage us every day to continue looking for the most in need people around our beautiful communities in the Aldine Greenspoint area.

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