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January – March 30 2013

Progress Report 2013 – Programs Bonding Against Adversity, Inc.

Bonding Against Adversity continues working in Partnership and collaborations with different Business and Organization to help the Economic Development in Aldine Greenspoint Area. With our programs we want to make the difference.

  • Great success in our Holiday Dinner on December 2012 serving more than 300 families from 10 schools of the area. We want to thank our Gold Sponsor Noble Energy, and the 30 volunteers from Noble Energy that helped us honor  families of the area.
  • Healthy Living Program (Zumba “Eat Less Dance More”) is helping the community with 10 classes at La Primavera Hall 1030 Aldine Mail Route Houston, Texas 77039.  Also at Linc Houston, serving the Greenspoint Community, and one class on Saturdays at the East Aldine Storefront Sheriff Department helping the community in
    the East Aldine area.
  • CLAP program:   Community Leaders in Aldine –  this group of Promoters finished their 165 hours of training in different topics including diabetes, cholesterol, and mental health. From May through November 2013, they will be the ones providing classes and educating the community about these issues.
  • In our Immigration and Social Justice Program we have six Civic and History classes around the area helping more Legal Residents becoming Citizens. On February 2013 we hosted our first Citizenship Workshop helping legal residents to fill out the N400 forms and providing free lawyers consultations for the community.
  • The One on One Program for Students with Potential is helping students to achieve their school diploma and continuing higher education. Right now, Hambrick Middle School, Mac Arthur 9th Grade, and Mac Arthur High School are getting the benefits with great success of 98% retention rate.
  • The Teen Summit 2013 is offered on May 28 and 29 at Hambrick Middle School and Mac Arthur 9th Grade and will include important information to help with responsibility and respect among  the youth in our community. Sponsor by Noble Energy,  the East Aldine Management District, and the Aldine Independant School District.

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