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January – March 2011

Bonding Against Adversity, Inc. CONTINUING WORKING IN Partnership and collaborations with different Business and Organization to help the Economic Development in the Aldine Greenspoint Area with programs focus in Healthy Living, Safety Living and One on One prevention programs for children 12 through 16 years old.
This report is for the period of January 1 through April 30th 20111.

January we continuing with our ‘WE’ program (well being trough exercise) helping the Community with 10 classes around the area one in La Primavera Hall 1030 Aldine Mail Route Houston Texas 77039; the other one in Linc Houston serving the Greenspoint Community and one class on Saturdays at the East Aldine Storefront Sheriff Department helping the community in the East Aldine and Little York area. We continuing helping children trough the WE program to develop learning skills and discipline in an innovated way. With the One on One Prevention program we continue at Hambrick Middle School with the participation of 10 students and 12 tutor’s mentors from Lone Star College. We were working with Parents and teachers as well to support this program. BAA was able to provide a field trip to the students at Hambrick and learn about the opportunities in the Houston Museum. On January we start training volunteers from the Aldine HIGHT School to help us with the Zumba for Education Fundraising on February 26 at La Primavera Hall.

For the S.A.F.E. program we deliver the program at the Haverstock Community Apartment Complex we were able to work with people in the community and some children activities.

On February we were able to have the Zumba for Education Fundraising to raise funds for the One on One Prevention program at Hambrick Middle School. This money helps us to continuing with this program and provides the students with all they need to perform at the school. More than that the Community embraces the idea to keep working in Physical Activities and taking care of a proper nutrition. We have the participation of more than 500 people and children from the area in different activities and able to learn and perform the Zumbatomic dance discipline to help the children to stay healthy.

We also participated for a Prevention Program with the Mexican Consulate learning all the resources they have available for the Mexican Community in case they get involved in difficult situations and how the Consulate can help them.

On the One on One prevention program we continue with the Tutors training sessions and the Parents Workshops to help the students to continuing doing the best at the school and helping the parents with tools to understand them better.

We look forward for the programs for April, May and June and we would like to invite all of you to participate with Bonding Against Adversity, Inc Team to help the Aldine Greenspoint Community for the Economic Development in the area.

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