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April – June 2013

Progress Report 2013 Summer Programs Bonding Against Adversity, Inc.

Bonding  Against Adversity, Inc. – CONTINUING WORKING IN Partnership and collaborations with different Businesses and Organizations to  help the Economic Development in the Aldine Greenspoint Area with programs focusing in Healthy Living, Safe Living and One on One prevention programs for children 12 through 18 years old. This report is for the period of April 1 through June 30th 2013.

  • April 2013 we continuing with our “WE” (Healthy Living Program) addressing the obesity in the Aldine area with great results, we make an impact not just in health but in the Economic Development in the area. Moms in the community had been motivated to get the ZUMBA Certification and start having classes in the community available in every corner and park of the area. At this point Bonding Against Adversity,Inc is working in partnership with them to bring information about healthy living and healthy habits .
  • May we continuing with the Promotoras “Community Health Workers” team having the trainings and meeting to get prepare for Summer to start bringing the classes to the different neighborhoods in the area about resources and information in how to have a healthier life style. They named this group as a “Aldine Promotoras in Action”.  
  • Bonding Against Adversity also was working in line up speakers and working with all our partners to put together our second Teen Summit schedule for the first week in June.  
  • In our Immigration and Social Justice program  we open 6 Civic and History classes around the area helping more Legal Residents becoming a Citizens. On June San Leo Catholic  church hosted a Citizenship Workshop for their parisch and the community they realized the need is so hugo in this area and at this moment we have schedule one more Workshop in November 9,2013.  
  • Our One on One Program for Students with Potential we offer right now at three schools Hambrick Middle School, Mac Arthur 9th Grade and Mac Arthur High School with great success and a 98% retention rate. June was a great month we hosted one Teen Summit in each school our goal was to create awareness in youth about how to make good decisions and stay away of trouble during the Summer.  
  • We hosted as well our event Zumba for Education to raise funds for the scholarships we will awarded on August, 2013 with great success and support from the Community.  
  • We update our calendars with the new resources for the next months we appreciated all the support and help from our sponsors and Partners and we look forward to continuing working to improve life’s in the Aldine Community with quality and sustainable programs.
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