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April – June 2010

Month of service:  APRIL AND MAY 2010

Since we star with the Organization we lunch two programs to
address the Healthy Living in the Aldine Greenspoint Community.

  • “WE” Program with the
    participation until now of 55 participants
  • Nutrition classes once a week
  • Kids participating at the nutrition classes also we have 35  kids participating
  • On May 6 and 7 we support Bussey Elementary for Healthy Kids day and we reach 870 kids
  • During the month of May we support 310 kids at Melrose park with Soccer activities and we will begiving this kids the Awards sponsor by BAA ( BondingAgainst Adversity,Inc)
  • On May 16 we support SanLeo Church reaching 3000 kids with information about how to keep fit and information for Chip and Medicaid.
  • Every Wednesday of a monthwe have the “ Comadres “ meeting a group of 18 woman this is a componentfrom the Family Halting Living Program.
  • We reach The AldineApartment, La Quinta Garden Apartments and the Caperwood Apartments to start working with our Safety Living program in the East of Aldine  area.Part of our Healthy Living program we participated in the Vigil for Immigration with Linc Houston.

Total adult and kids reached through our programs for two months = 4360

Upcoming Events

  • “WE” program at St. Leo
    Catholic Community on June 12
  • Healthy Living with ESL
    Classes at Linc Mission
  • Safe Living at East Aldine
    apartment complexes

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