"Helping Others Help Themselves"
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Bonding Against Adversity Report

“Helping Others Help Themselves”

We founded Bonding Against Adversity, Inc. in 2010; we plant seeds five years ago and we harvesting this October. We celebrate our fifth year with the Organization producing the best results in the area.

  • We create an impact in the Healthy Living Program for the entire community creating not just awareness about healthy living but also we create a business and a way where community can improve the lives and start small business in the area with the Zumba fever. At this moment there is 100 of small business managing by moms in the community for people working in physical activities.
  • In the Safety area we have still apartments who continuing with our vision to create leaders in the neighborhoods taking care from one to each other and making sure they have a safer community in the area.
  • We have done 100 of programs Health Fairs, Operation backpacks helping thousands of people in the area with school supplies, immunizations shots free doctors consultations and more.
  • In our Signature program we graduate the first generation of students with great results not just finishing in the top 10 percent but we have one student in Texas A & M in Corpus Christi, Lamar University , University of U of H Downtown and the rest at Lone Star College North Harris.
  • We have stories from families in how they improve the lives through this program working with thee families as well.
  • In Immigration in Social Justice we just get this year the BIA Certification and Accreditation from the Immigration services and this help the Organization to be a different level. We have help more than 2500 new legal residents to get their Citizenship creating with this better jobs, better opportunities and new citizens able to vote.
  • The number of students is bigger every year and more families requiring of our support.
  • We are recognized by many Organizations in Houston and had recognition from Organizations outside Houston. We just have a story posted for the Carnegie foundation and they are looking for support BAA in our efforts.
  • This year is the year that BAA is looking for continuing and sustaining their signature programs; we don’t want to duplicate existing programs in the area. We want to offer quality programs to our Community to close the gaps that was our mission since the beginning of our Organization.

We request your continuing support. Your continuing support and help will assure BAA will continuing in the North area providing strong programs and working in partnership and collaboration with everyone.

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