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Bonding Against Adversity Report

“Helping Others Help Themselves”

We founded Bonding Against Adversity, Inc. in 2010; next April we will celebrate our five year anniversary with great results.  At the end of this school year we will graduate the first BAA generation of participants in the One on One Mentoring for Students with Potential program.  Five years ago we started with one group of students in 7th and 8th grade. The students in 8th grade will graduate this year.  Over the last four years we have had only one of the students participating in the program drop out of school and this resulted primarily because of lack of parental support.   The need is huge and we are continuing to help students finish high school and pursue a higher education.  This year we have 55 students in the program in three schools: Hambrick Middle School, MacArthur 9th Grade School and MacArthur High School.  We have made an impact not just on this group of students but the entire school through the annual Teen Summit programs addressing teen issues like teen pregnancy, drug abuse, teen suicide, self-esteem and how to be successful in life.

Following are the results from other programs in 2014 that impacted the East Aldine community:

  • We continued supporting the physical activities classes in different parks like Shady Lane, Keith Weiss and Bill Crowley  Park.
  • The Aldine Promotoras in Action were able to continue with their classes in the neighborhoods at the Orange Grove Community Garden reaching more than 50 families in the East Aldine Area.
  • We worked in partnership with Harris County Emergency Corps helping more than 40 persons to get the CPR training.
  • We hosted three community festivals to engage the East Aldine Community and encouraged bonding among the different races in the area with great results.  Now the community is ready to continuing to work together to help to the district’s improvement.
  • Our last event with the Aldine Promotoras in Action was on Friday October 31st with great results.  Students from second grade and parents in the community were able to plant the vegetables for this season, and it was well attended.
  • During 2014 we hosted 36 citizenship preparation courses (8 weeks each) for Legal Residents who qualify for their US Citizenship with an average of 30 people per class making a direct impact on 1080 people.  Additionally, we hosted 16 Immigration (Citizenship) Workshops at big scale for people around the community.  During these events we managed more than a total of 1,800 volunteers.  We were successful because we have people from all over Houston coming to Aldine for our classes, but the majority of attendees are from the Aldine area.
  •  Bonding was in the broadcast media on Channels 45 and 13, on several radio stations and had an article about our programs published in the Houston Chronicle.
  • Thank you to the East Aldine District for allowing us to use the East Aldine facility for some of our Citizenship Preparation classes.  With your support, we would like to continue hosting citizenship preparation classes year-round on Saturdays. Bonding Against Adversity is part of the NAC initiative (New American Campaign) helping Legal Residents become US Citizens.  We just signed a new agreement with NAC to assist 800 legal permanent residents file their application for US Citizenship by the June 2015.  We marketed the value of the East Aldine Management District as our sponsor for the preparation classes with the help from the Business Committee members.
  • We built capacity in BAA in all levels and have more partners.  This coming year our goal is to get the accreditation for BAA as a BIA (Board of Immigration Appeals) accredited organization.   Such accreditation will assist opening doors for us and allow us to bring more resources to continuing helping our community.  We are part of the Lawyers Collaboration Taskforce of Houston, which is a team willing to create a coalition of different organizations to assist Immigrants who may need legal help. We will be part of this project as a provider of immigration citizenship preparation and application services.  BAA is recognized by all the organizations working in the Immigration field in Houston Texas.
  • We will be able to attend a significant immigration conference in May in California at which we have been asked to present information about our working model for providing our immigration and social justice programs.  Attending this conference gives us the opportunity to increase capacity, work with more organizations and provided information about the work and support of EAD.
  • Thanks to the support of EAD and that of Dr. Wanda Bamberg, Bonding’s 5th Annual Community Holiday Dinner will be held at MO Campbell Center.  We will be helping to assist more than 300 kids from more than 150 families in need from 10 AISD schools in the area.

The impact direct and indirect that BAA is making in the East Aldine Community doesn’t have boundaries and many people know who we are and what and why we do what we are doing.   We are achieving our mission of ‘Helping Others Help Themselves’ with programs based in education.



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