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Yearly Report for 2010

Since we started the non – profit we have launched two programs to implement Healthy Living in the Aldine Greenspoint Community.


  • “WE” Program with the participation until now of 250  participants unduplicated
  • Nutrition classes once a week and healthy living programs reaching 500 participants
  • Kids participating at thenutrition classes also we have 10 kids participating we reach more than 4,600.00 children in different programs andevents
  • During the month of May we support  kids  Melrose park with Soccer activities and we support healthy kids day atBussey Elementary school
  • On May 16 we support SanLeo Church reaching kids with information about how to keep fit and information for Chip and Medicaid.
  • S.A.F.E. Program we did six workshops reaching more than 400 people and 100 kids with safetyapartment living program for everyone at Aldine Apartments,Haverstockapartments and information in la Quinta Garden and Caper wood apartments.
  • Our Dropout Prevention program at Hambrick is going on with the participation of 12 students and 12 tutors at Hambrick Middle School through this program we reach more than 100 people.
  • During the special events  Health Fairs, Seminars, Participationwith the Mexican Consulate, San Leo Church, Immigration Forum, ESL Classes, Schools programs we have reach during this month’s 5,000.00 people
  • We work with more than 300 volunteers in different areas and 60 different social services Organizations.

Total adult and kids reached through our programs in 8thmonths – 11,344.00

Special Events planning for the upcoming months:

  • “ Zumba for education”
    February 26 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • Healthy Living with ESL
    Classes at Linc during March
  • Safe Living covering in five apartments for the rest of the year
  • “WE” program 7 classes in three places Linc serving the Greenspoint Community and ‘Hall Primavera”serving the East Aldine Community , Sheriff Department Storefront serving the community at 59 and little York .
  • Dia del niño Health Fair during April to celebrated the Hispanic Tradition “Day of the Children” we will bring clinics with dental, immunizations, vision screens and services for children without health insurance.
  • May we had plan fundraising with students from Hambrick participating in the Lemonade Day developing business skills and raising money for their field trips.
  • July we will participated in the Back to School Event in Lone Start College Greenspoint providing school supplies for children in the Greenspoint area
  • August and September we will work in Nutrition classes in our WE program we will need resources for material and help for this program.
  • October we will have our Immigration Forum at the North Harris Lone Start College helping the participants to fill the forms for the Citizenship applications and giving the community access to free consultations with lawyers for legal issues.
  • November prepare for the Posadas event during the month of December helping the community in need to preserve the Hispanic traditions and working in awareness to HealthyLiving and safety programs.

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